Science experiments for kids

Science can be fun if taught the right way. Making four season trees is one of the most popular science activities for preschoolers. The kids are given a few precut pieces of paper and colours. These, precut pieces of paper are in different shapes like those of leaves, stems, branches and flowers. The kids are asked to put them together on a cardboard. You can provide them with some gum to stick the pieces together. Once the pieces are rightly put together, the kids are asked to fill the colour in them. However, colour can be filled before as well.

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Naming colours is another popular game in which children learn to spot the different colours. Objects of different colours are picked randomly and kids are asked to name their colour. It may sound simplistic to adults but children love it a lot. They can play this game many times every day. These objects can also be used to give additional information about their uses and applications.

If you have a model of solar system at your place, you can ask the kids to spot the Sun in it. Similarly, you can ask them about the earth, the moon and other planets. You can give additional information about light, its speed, rotation of the earth, and rotation of the moon. If done properly, kids pick these pieces of information pretty quickly. They love activities where objects of different shapes, sizes and colours are used. A solar system model is full of these kinds of objects in the form of the planets, their satellites and the sun.

There are many science activities for preschoolers that can be performed using water and ice as well. Since ice is a very good example of water in its solid form, you can drive home the point that matter changes states. Give them a few pieces of ice. Now ask them to stop the ice from turning into water. They would do different and bizarre things to achieve it. However, the kids would be clueless when they won't be able to do so. At the end of the experiment, you can tell them the secret that only low temperatures can keep ice that way. In another type of game with ice, ice cubes are dipped into different colours and then randomly moved on a sheet of paper. The different shapes give a great feeling to the kids.

It goes without saying that the first step toward developing a scientific mind is to recognise different shapes. Thus, teaching them to make and spot different shapes can also be a great activity. Game of shadows is quite an interesting activity. You can make different shapes using your body parts especially your hands. 

Many of the science experiments are quite simple and easy to execute. However, there are many others which may require additional tools, substances or elaborate arrangements. Make sure that you take adequate precaution while performing these activities with the kids. Don't pass on any sharp tool to the kids under any circumstances. They have the knack of messing things up at the slightest of the opportunities.